A straightforward solution to manage occupational road risk

All organisations whose employees drive at work need to be able to show that they have met the minimum standards under their Duty of Care for employees:
  • Have a current corporate risk assessment and a system for managing road risk.
  • Have a risk mitigation plan in place to address general and specific needs uncovered by the risk assessment
  • Have an audit trail to be able to prove the actions at both corporate and employee level and to aid with road risk insurance
  • Have processes in place that cover employees driving their own cars on business as well as company cars

If organisations don’t have these, they are not managing road risk and they are breaking the law. This carries significant risk exposure and the Health & Safety Executive, VOSA and Police may pursue a prosecution against the organisation and any or all of its Directors, management and staff.

For £495+VAT for an annual licence (where companies have less than 150 employees) and with 30 minutes a week and no previous knowledge of the subject you can use the solution that solves all your issues. Come and see more.